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SQ B2SMB was created to cater to the needs of larger brands looking to meet their next great Small Business customers. The power of the SMB audience is significant. We know how to engage with them and drive action and loyalty. We understand the "secret sauce."

Our "Get Local" platform allows us to connect Small Business brands to local influencers and organizations that drive education, influence, and referrals.

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Power of Referral



Studies have proven that Small Businesses do businesses with products and services they know and trust. Trust is even greater when an endorsement is coming from someone they know.


According to Nielsen "The Small Business decision maker is 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend." 


At Square Biz we have fueled this endorsement/referral channel through a menu of opportunities that we customize for our clients.  

SQ Biz Partner Place

Our partners  include hundreds of Small Business Organizations and Associations throughout the USA such as: