Download: Back to Basics: Engaging with SMBs: eBook Series

Download our free guide for Engaging with SMBs! In this series, we share some tactics and strategies that we believe are essential for B2SMB brands. Learn about why local matters, the power of partnerships, what membership organizations can offer you, and how Edu-marketing fits within this strategy.

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Download: Back to Basics: Edu-Marketing

Edu-Marketing is a strategy that involves providing educational content to potential customers as a way to build brand awareness, establish authority, and ultimately drive sales.


Download: Back to Basics: Partnering with Membership Orgs

Organizations give you as a brand the opportunity to “be local” and, as we often say, “be where the small business owner is.” This is an invaluable and influential opportunity for both brand awareness and sales. Download our five other reasons we believe it’s an important “back to basic” component of an SMB brand's marketing strategy.


Download: Back to Basics: Partnerships

A partnership channel can be highly effective in good and not-so-good economic times. At The Square Biz Group, we have long-time experience building partner channels and creating invested relationships. Learn why we believe they are essential!


Download: Back to Basics: Get Local

Local outreach is an effective strategy for brands to connect with small business owners and establish meaningful relationships. It is an essential core of our expertise at The Square Biz Group, and we genuinely believe it is necessary for all SMB brand strategies.


Download: Back to Basics: Things to Think About

We keep hearing about potential decreases in demand for products and services coupled with our prospects slashing their budgets. Some of us may witness the reality of this now while others are just in preparation mode for the possibility. At The Square Biz Group, we recommend that our clients take this time to get back to marketing basics. Over the next few weeks, we will share some “basic” ideas that we believe are essential for B2SMB brands. We hope these tips will enlighten and spark some conversation within your organizations.


Download: Checklist for Developing a Membership Organization Referral Program

If you are a brand selling to small businesses, your local efforts are critical to your success. This checklist will help you as you map out a strategy to connect to your prospects through the networking and business organizations they belong to. 

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