Meet us.

We have small business marketing experience coupled with an extensive media background.

We look forward to working with you. 

David Sall 

David Sall has over 20 plus years a media sales leader working for CBS Radio, Infinity Broadcasting and . David has championed large to small business acquisition for most of his career.  David also has a deep background in Endorsement media. 

Wendi Caplan-Carroll

Wendi is a marketing and sales leader. She spent her early career in media and then entered the SMB space as a leader at Constant Contact. She has intricate knowledge of how to build Brand presence to SMBs through multi channels.

Laurel Keith

Laurel Keith is one  Endorsement radio and podcasting's most sought after experts. She has a deep background in working with clients and media in crafting messages that resonate through endorsement media. 

Lori Clark  

 Lori has over two decades working in the SMB and Healthcare categories. She has deep experience with local marketing and referral and is also our agency's creative expert.