All About Texture

If you have ever been in a room, that “seemed” to have all the right pieces in place, but still felt “flat’, it may have been missing one crucial component: texture. A simple addition of textural elements can transform a home from being perceived as one-dimensional, into a home that is well edited, expressive, and conveys depth.

For us, this aspect of the design process is critical to creating tensions that translate into a more sophisticated understanding of the spatial perception of your home.

Four Examples of Texture Solutions To Consider When Conceptualizing Your Space

  • Limewash Plaster Wall Treatment - Dating back to the Roman era, this material was a fashionable way to lighten up stone and timber. Limestone continues to deliver texture with character. This stone creates a feel of history that instantly brings gravity to any space.
  • Natural Materials – Our designers regularly incorporate natural materials such as wood, leather, and stone, allowing each material to speak a language true to its origin and nature. Although not a new concept, as more homeowners and designers are pursuing “green” living and sustainable solutions, these materials create a great neutral base for enhancing a space.
  • Fluted Finishes – Light and shadow define our world, hence the volumetry of fluted, or ribbed finishes, a one-of-a-kind visual statement is created.   We utilize this finish in glass, high gloss lacquer panels, marble, and fittings. Archetype Interior Designer, Shruti Mundra, notes, "the ribbing effect can create a striking focal point."
  • Rugs - An uncomplicated way to use texture, is by incorporating carefully curated, visually, and tactilely expressive rugs. Rugs will define spaces within the home through color and shape. A suitably chosen rug can make the difference between a successful space and a missed opportunity, setting the scenario for the design aesthetic, whether transitional, contemporary, or traditional.

Texture is a crucial instrument in creating a space that is unique, bespoke and sophisticated, it carries us beyond common solutions we see on the everyday home and allows us to create a higher aesthetic value in the most distinctive manner for every client that entrusts us with their project.

For more helpful design tips and consultation, reach out to the team at Archetype Architecture,  a full-service architecture and interior design firm based in Manhattan. In 2021 they were listed as one of the top 15 residential architects in NYC by NYC Architects.  Alan Berman is the owner and founder of Archetype Architecture located at 2162 Broadway on the Upper West Side. Find them online at  or on Instagram .