Work From Home Refresh

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The Global Pandemic has impacted everyone's lives. Pre-2020 work-life now looks radically different as more employers allow their employees to continue to work from home. Additionally, many people have taken this moment to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors and use their homes as their business launching pads.

Homeowners are exploring ways to reinvent their spaces to serve both family and work life. Those homebuyers looking to move and invest in new property are also mindful of the current layout of the prospective home and, of course, the potential in the renovation. The key in both situations is to speak to an architect or interior designer to consult you on helpful trends and opportunities.

Archetype Architecture has worked on several projects that have created new work-from-home spaces and reimagined existing areas. The work they do is very dependent on the nature, scale, and location of the project, and tailored to the needs of every client. Managing Director Agustin Reynoso collaborates with his team closely for outcomes that will provide unique and long-term practical spaces for their clients. "Our firm insists on taking a holistic approach to our designs. We strive to produce spaces that will enhance our client's work productivity, while supporting their mental and emotional health, and physical well-being."

As with any project, the size and location of a property will be vital in determining design choices. Reynoso adds, "The choices we recommend are mainly design interventions that meaningfully support an environment where visual order, architectural expression, and sophisticated comfort are central.”

Many of their new home construction projects include design requests for an all-inclusive workspace. Clients are looking for fully functional offices including high-security wireless, teleconferencing setups, self-contained, well-serviced electrical feeds, A/V, independent alarm systems, separate kitchenettes/bathrooms, supply closets, working surfaces, and even coffee bars. "One client asked us to produce a full accessory building to house their office space." Reynoso shared.

Archetype Architecture Principal,  Alan Berman noted that for larger apartments and townhouses renovation/designs, clients are looking for spaces that either stand alone or double as library/office space. Additionally, now that more people are spending time at home, it is common to recommend skylights with integrated stairs for outside access.

From the interior design perspective, the selection of furniture, window, and room treatment has become much more relevant to separate both realms experientially. Explorations on the introduction of color, textures, and artwork have become more daring to continue to bring enjoyment to a private workspace. When choosing furniture, both aesthetics and furniture’s ergonomic value must be considered. Natural light is key to a productive work environment, so Archetype Architecture is highly mindful of that. Simple color palettes look elegant and professional, and furniture with built-in storage helps optimize space.

For more helpful design tips and consultation, reach out to the team at Archetype Architecture,  a full-service architecture and interior design firm based in Manhattan. In 2021 they were listed as one of the top 15 residential architects in NYC by NYC Architects.  Alan Berman is the owner and founder of Archetype Architecture located at 2162 Broadway on the Upper West Side. Find them online at  or on Instagram .